Scholarships USA for Masters/Mphil and PhD

Third Early Notice for Preparation for Fulbright Scholarships USA for Masters/Mphil and PhD in every field.

Go for The Fulbright Program USA 2018. USA is taking so many Pakistanis every year on fulbright. Each year they take 150 to 200 above students for MS and PhD on fulbright from Pakistan. So, in so large number of seats, you all must take chances even with low CGPA, read details below. After China, USA is the biggest donor of scholarships to Pakistani students
Now, United States Educational Foundation in Pakistan fulbright just asks for GRE General Test scores. The deadlines of fulbright will be in May 2017. So, this month January, 2017 is the best time to start preparing for GRE.
*****You start preparation in January and finish its preparation in the end of March, April, 2017 and GRE is conducted five days a week each month and you will get results of GRE in 15 days maximum and hence apply for fulbright which will have hopefully deadline in May, 2017.
You can start preparing yourself by finding resources on groups, whom links are given below. Make combined study groups and prepare, take GRE tests among each other and check them in group preparations. OR find some academy in your area and start preparation now pleaseeee, as time is passing very fast now
Now coming to the point of GRE, GRE is not an impossible thing. It is not even difficult. All you need is to understand the solving techniques and practise as much as you can. I assure you, that you can get good scores in it. You can get materials for its preparation on group or on google search and make study groups of its preparation along friends, as you used to do combined study in FSc. or A-levels or university and prepare together and score well. You can also find guides of successful candidates on groups for preparations. TOEFL is not required for Fulbright applications. Only GRE GENERAL is required for Fulbright

Once you do GRE, you are able to apply for so many scholarships other than fulbright. For example, in USA, you can go for TAship (Teaching Assistantship) and RAship (Research Assistantship). The TAships are offered by departments and they waive off tuition fee and living expenses are given. The RAships are given by professor, if you work with him on some project. So, you can ask department while applying for USA without fulbright, if they are offering TAships, otherwise, you can ask professors by emails, if they have any RAship available. But again, the main thing is GRE, without GRE, no one will start talking to you in USA, unless you have GRE in hands. Also for PhD applicants, they can get HEC grant for PhD in USA
***Also you can go for direct PhD after Bachelors…/combined-masters-and-phd-programs-in-…/
Also according to information by Brighlink website that students from Pakistan who prefer to go on directly to US universities than taking fulbright are increasing in number.
With GRE, you can also apply for scholarships in Singapore and also in Canada. So, now, collect and arrange for the test money of GRE and do it. Do not miss this chance
** People who have graduated or will graduate till December 2017 can apply for fulbright 2018.
Now, you worry about low CGPA, I have seen 2016 fulbright finalists CGPAs less than 3 and many of them nearby 3, such as 2.49, 2.7,2.8,2.89, 2.97. See few profiles here finalized for fulbright 2016

GRE test link: Test costs are 22,000 PKR. If it is expensive, then take loan from someone but please do it. Get scholarship and go to USA and return loan money from USA
You can get help about preparation of GRE, Fulbright and other stuff at these groups
Link of groups, which prepare for USA and GRE and you can find all materials there. /join all of them

for more information join our facebook page :

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It’s so easy to get US Fulbright scholarship if you have CGPA of at least 3.0 in your last academics. It also required GRE test score to fulfill the criteria of program. Fulbright is totally free scholarship with stipend of some US$. Interested students can apply via HEC of Pakistan and get selected through a criteria set by them. You can also get relevant info from the source

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